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When I first came across Service2Software I had no idea the doors it was going to open for me. If you would have told me I was going to work at one of the biggest companies in the world when I first started this transition I wouldn’t have believed it. Being surrounded by transitioning service members going through the exact same thing you are helps a lot. I’ve transformed from a radio equipment maintainer and I'm on way to becoming a thriving sales professional with IBM. None of this could've been without Service 2 Software and the mentors I've established during my transition process.

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Taking the leap into the civilian world is something many service members, including myself, are ill prepared to face. Taking part in Service 2 Software gave me the tools I needed to make that transition successful, as well as the support of a group of truly fantastic and talented individuals. I can’t think of a better program to streamline your transition out of the Army.



The key to finding success is to embrace being out of your comfort zone! I did an entire career change at the age of 27. Going from a US Army Engineer to a Business Development Representative was uncomfortable plenty of times from doing cold-calls, mock interviews, learning the industries leading software but this was essential for me to really grow in such a short time. I knew Service 2 Software would change my life but I couldn’t have imagined how quickly it would do so! Utilizing the network, learning from the mentorship, and following the process will have you at your dream job - guaranteed.

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